ThreatFire 4.7

ThreatFire is a behavioral-based antivirus solution
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Many typical antivirus products rely on virus signatures in order to detect and block these threats. Unfortunately, this technique is not effective when it comes to new viruses, whose signatures haven’t yet been recorded in the databases used by these products. Therefore, until a signature update is released and applied, your data and your system is vulnerable to the newly created viruses and malware. That’s not the case with ThreatFire, as ThreatFire is a behavioral-based antivirus solution. It will constantly monitor and analyze your computer's behavior in order to detect and block any malicious activity, therefore being able to block even new viruses and malware before they cause any harm.

Besides being very reliable thanks to its behavior-based detection technique, ThreatFire is also resource-friendly and lightweight, which is another important aspect when it comes to antivirus products. I really like that it can unobtrusively run in the background without affecting the system performance. Furthermore, I appreciate its neat and compact interface. The scanning speed is also satisfactory.

It also comes with handy additional features such as the possibility of defining custom security rules, the rootkit scanner, the system activity monitor or the fact that it can work alongside other acknowledged antivirus solutions without causing any conflicts or problems.

In an end note, ThreatFire is a nice addition on anyone’s computer as it costs nothing and it ensures an increased security level.

Margie Smeer
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  • Includes a rootkit scanner
  • It is based on behavior analysis in order to detect the threats
  • Allows defining custom security rules


  • The installation is rather slow and might take a few minutes, which is more than expected
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